“With all the online hoopla about ‘EDC’ this and ‘tactical’ that, it’s important to remember that most of us, even the outdoorsy, Land Rovery types among us, are not getting dressed every morning expecting to have to survive a nuclear attack or scavenge for food in a post-apocalyptic hellscape. We’re just going about our days as usual. But that doesn’t mean we don’t benefit from some everyday gear that is as tough as it is functional…”

Summer Playlist - 2018


Summer on the Costa Blanca.  The heat starts to really settle in.  So do the tourists.  And the surf goes particularly quiet.  Here in the Den of Adventure, which like most of Spain goes without air conditioning, the days feel long and heavy, even as an endless stream of northern Europeans, here for a week or two, file through our doors every day to kick tires and chat about adventure vehicles in whatever language we can get along together in.

The days when we can break away for a spirited drive, a little sliding, or a bonfire on the tosca are few and far between these days.  Mostly we just hole up and work, or if it's slow for a few moments, strum the ukulele and hatch grand schemes for the pending autumn.

But that makes the moments of escape even more sweet when they come.  And when they do, this is what we have been listening to this summer.

Every season we get more and more people offering suggestions for our next playlists.  Some of those suggestions appear here, including "Feels Like Summer," from Hally Solomon in Sarasota, FL and "It's All In My Mind," from Tom Carter of Arlington, VA.  So keep them coming.


Spring Playlist - 2018

Spring is in full swing here on the glittering Costa Blanca.  The weather is perfect, the sun is warm, the boards are waxed and the tourists still haven't arrived.  Doesn't get much better than this.

It's time to fire up your favorite escape vehicle, open as many windows as possible, turn on the stereo, and get yourself deliciously lost somewhere.  Somewhere only you know about.

That's what we're doing, and here's what we're listening to while we do it...

Drop us a line with your suggestions for our summer edition!


OUR GEAR: Driving Watches

OUR GEAR:  Driving Watches

The link between cars and watches has always been a strong one, and it doesn't take more than a glance at the names of some legendary timepieces to see this.  The Rolex "Daytona," the Monaco and Camaro from Heuer, and, of course, the specialty editions from companies like Chopard and Breitling, styled for (or at least named after) classic motorcar companies and/or events.  In recent years, a host of new, small, boutique brands have jumped into the game, offering timepieces overtly adorned with automotive graphics, logos, colors, or in some cases, even dials patterned after the dashboard instruments of historic car models.  All this got us talking the other day here in the Den of Adventure.  What makes a great driving watch?

Winter Playlist - 2018

This winter has been cold in western Europe, and we're over it.  This morning dawned chilly, wet and windy again, and while sometimes that's a good excuse to take a fast Sunday run through the mountains to get the blood flowing, on this particular Sunday we just don't feel like playing with cars.

So instead, here's out winter playlist.  Enjoy it, and drop us a line with the songs that should be on our Spring edition...

What Would The Tasmanian Devil Drive?

What Would The Tasmanian Devil Drive?

"In an age where even family sedans are as fast as supercars of just a couple decades ago, the 205GTI does something too few cars are capable of anymore - it FEELS fast.  It feels like you're holding a live electric cable in your hands, spitting and sizzling and whipping around.  It's light and tossable and entirely 'analog' in its dynamics, with nothing to filter the experience.  I didn't realize until today how much I miss that feeling in a motorcar..."

An ode to patina...


We sell a lot of restored Land Rovers, but nowhere is it written in stone that they all have to be pristine.  You can count us well and truly among the faithful, in fact, who often feel that Land Rovers look best with a little age to them.  A few battle scars, one might say.

Today in Classic Driver, there is an ode to just this approach to vintage style.  You can read it here: