“We’re the kind of people who have always loved motorcars, pure and simple. As kids we had Targa Florio posters on our walls. We stayed up late to watch coverage of the Paris-Dakar. We idolized Stefan Bellof. We’d rather listen to a Matra 670 than any symphony on earth. We think motorcars are important, and we take each one very personally, which is why this job never feels like work.”
— Paul Misencik

Our Mission

It's pretty simple, really.  We source and offer the best special-interest vehicles in the world and we find them homes with enthusiasts who will love them and drive them in the manner they were meant to be driven.  If we can’t find them, we build them. If a client wants something specific, we create it. In any case, the result is a lean, honest, proper finished product ready to be driven and used daily. With rare exception, we're not purveyors of "garage queens."  We prefer to focus on the types of special interest vehicles that people can actually drive and enjoy.  Will they appreciate in value and prove to be good investments?  Over time, the answer is almost certainly yes, but that is not our focus.  Our focus is on great cars at fantastic values, and usually at prices that virtually everyone can afford.

We are located in Denia, Spain (about 100 kms south of Valencia), but it doesn't matter where you are.  We can get the car to your door, no matter where you live, quickly and affordably.  So whether you live around the corner or across the world, from Corfu to California, we make it easy to have the car you want delivered right to your driveway.