Savvy American collectors have noticed something.  There are certain collector vehicles, popular and affordable in Europe, that are exceedingly rare in the USA.  As a result, prices in North America are higher.  Importers have picked up on this fact, and are bringing many of those vehicles into the states, but for their time and effort they command a premium.  And to an extent, it makes sense.  The idea of buying a car yourself in Europe is fraught with legitimate concerns, and navigating the laws and logistics of importing it yourself is a daunting prospect.  Still, the lure of speciality cars at European prices is strong.

At Autology, we finally make the process simple, expedient, and hassle free.

You buy the car from our salon in Spain.  We are a fully legal and licensed collector car dealership located in Denia, about an hour south of Valencia, with an American collector car expert on staff.  We provide honest, clear descriptions of each vehicle, complete with all the photographs and videos you need to make an informed decision.  We can speak on the telephone, or by video chat, so you can see the car in real time, and you are even welcome to fly here and test drive the vehicle yourself if you wish.

When you decide to buy, we deliver your car to the port of Valencia free of charge, and complete all the export paperwork on your behalf.  Shipping cost is a flat rate of $2500 to your choice of New York, NY; Baltimore, MD; Norfolk, VA; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Houston, TX or Galveston, TX and when the car arrives in the USA we complete all the import documentation on your behalf to make sure the vehicle is fully cleared and ready for pickup.  No additional costs.  You pay nothing more.  No duties, no port fees, nothing.  $2500, port-to-port.  You just pick it up at the port of your choice and take it home.

If you live on the west coast, shipping to Long Beach, CA; Oakland, CA or Seattle, WA is just $3600, all-in.

Once you have the vehicle in your possession, we make sure you have all the documents you need to register the car in your State, quickly and easily.

You get the car you want at a European price, and you get the delivery to the USA at cost.  Best of all, you have a team of proven professionals who guide you every step of the way to make sure things go quickly and smoothly.

Not American?  It doesn't matter where you live, the same process applies.  We'll help you get your new car from our showroom to your garage, anywhere in the world, at cost.

frequently asked questions about shipping to the usa

"What is included in the $2500 shipping cost to the USA?"
The short answer is everything, from our dealership in Spain to the port of your choice, currently either New York, NY; Baltimore, MD; Norfolk, VA; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Houston, TX or Galveston, TX.  For the $2500, we cover everything.  Delivery to the port in Spain, export paperwork and fees, shipping, importation paperwork and duties in the USA, port fees, Customs Brokerage fees... everything.  You just collect the car at the port and take it home.  No additional costs.

"I live in California.  Can you ship the car to the port of Long Beach, CA?" 
Sure.  If you live closer to the west coast of the USA, the cost is $3600 and we can ship the car to Long Beach, CA; Oakland, CA; or Seattle, WA.  Same as above, but a little more expensive because of the longer, more involved journey.

"Can you ship to Canada?"
Yes, we can ship to either Halifax, Montreal or Vancouver.  Pricing is similar to US$2700 to east coast ports and US$3800 to Vancouver. Import taxes are not included in shipping prices to Canada.

"What about a different port.  Can you ship it to Toyko?"
Sure.  We can ship the car to you anywhere in the world.  We might not always be able to help with customs at the destination, depending on your location, but drop us a line with your needs and we can get a quote together for getting it to you.

"I need door-to-door delivery to my home.  What's the price?"
We can certainly provide door-to-door delivery, but it is difficult to provide a precise quote in advance.  It depends on where you are and how much local trucking costs to get the car from the closest port to you door.  If live close to one of our destination ports, it's usually quite reasonable.  A few hundred dollars or thereabouts.  If you live very far from one of our destination ports, it can be $1200 or more to truck it your driveway.  Contact us with exactly where you live and we can give you a rough idea.

"How long does shipping to the USA take?"
Well, a lot depends on the destination and the time of the year, but the boat itself takes between three and four weeks to sail from Spain to any of the destination ports in the USA listed above.  And boats leave about every 2 weeks.  So assume somewhere between 4-8 weeks from the time we receive payment, as a rough figure.  Once we have the name of the boat your vehicle is booked onto, we'll give it to you so you can track the boat online, using one of the many vessel tracking websites on the internet.

"Do I have to ship with you?"
No, of course not.  If you would rather handle the shipping yourself, you are more than welcome to do that.

"How do I get a title in my state?"
In 49 states, the process is quite easy and you will almost invariably walk into your local Division of Motor Vehicles and walk out with your title and registration that same day.  (For California buyers, see separate question below.)  When you buy a vehicle from us, we send the paperwork to you separately, by UPS international express, as well as clear, simple instructions and advice for obtaining the title.  All the vehicle documentation will arrive in your hands before the vehicle gets to the port.  With this paperwork, and the documents you receive from the relevant government agencies when the car is cleared through the port of your choice, you will have everything you need to title and register the vehicle.  We will walk you through the whole process.  It is not complicated, 100% legal and correct, and we are always here to help if needed.

"Can I register the vehicle in California?"
The answer depends on what type of vehicle we are talking about.  For 1979 and older diesel-powered vehicles, or for 1967 and older gasoline-powered vehicles, you can title and register in California without major hassle.  For 1980 and newer diesels, however, or for 1968 and newer petrol-powered cars, the process becomes more difficult.  Many people have different interpretations of the California laws regarding this, and many people have had wildly divergent personal experiences registering imported vehicles in California, so if you plan to register in California it would be wise to consult with knowledgable professionals in the State of California before buying a car from us.  Registering it in any other state, however, will not be a problem.

"Can you help me import a vehicle that is less than 25 years old?"
No.  In almost all cases, importing a vehicle which was manufactured less than 25 years ago is illegal and we do not import such vehicles.

“I found a car I want to buy in Europe. Can you just ship it to me?”
No, sorry. We ship vehicles only for our customers.

"I have heard horror stories about imported vehicles being seized at the port, or even from an owners home, and crushed!  How do I know my purchase will arrive safely?"
These 'horror stories' are common internet fodder, and serve to discourage many people from importing a vehicle from another country.  The bottom line, though, is that the laws are very clear, and the process of legal importation is a safe and proven one.  The only time anyone has any difficulty is if they are trying to operate illegally, swapping VIN plates or doing something unethical to scheme the system.  We only import vehicles which are 100% legal for import to the USA, with clear, legal paperwork, and we only import them 100% by-the-book, using an established Customs Broker in the USA.

"I'd love an excuse to visit Spain.  Do you offer any kind of 'European Delivery' option?"
Sure!  If you would like to drive your vehicle in Europe before shipping it to the USA, you are more than welcome to do so.  You can come to our facility in Denia, Spain (about an hour south of Valencia), collect the car, and drive it anywhere you like, for up to 60 days, entirely legally.  When you are finished touring, you simply drop the vehicle back off at our facility in Denia and we will get it to the port and ship it to the USA for you. We can even arrange bespoke vintage vehicle holidays for you, tailored to your specific needs and passions. Want to tour the Spanish wine regions? Visit historic sites? Do some overlanding and off-grid camping? Let us know and we’ll make it happen.

"Who is responsible if the vehicle is damaged during shipment?"
We primarily ship your vehicle in a container. Each vehicle is carefully blocked and braced inside the container, and damage with container shipping is exceedingly rare.  That said, we offer cargo transport insurance, which fully covers the vehicle from port to port, for $300 additional.



Have a question you don't see here?  Drop us a line and we'll be happy to answer it!