Just a few of the vehicles we have sold in the past


1964 land rover santana 109 (series IIA)

A fantastically preserved and well-prepared Series IIA 109 with overdrive and exceedingly rare power steering, this Mid Grey example offers the best possible blend of rugged performance off road and civilized touring on tarmac.  With a 2.25L diesel, locking hubs, fender extensions and brawny Wolf wheels, it is rust free and ready for anything.  It was sold to a dealer in Valley Stream, NY, USA.



2.25L diesel and four-speed manual with 2-speed transfer case.  Marine Blue with Limestone tropical roof and wheels over black vinyl interior.  No rust anywhere.  A beautiful driver that looks wonderful from every angle, What many people believe to be the best of the "Series" Land Rovers, it was sold to an enthusiast in Dover, Massachusetts, USA



2.5L diesel and five-speed manual.  62,000 original miles.  Arles Blue with Beluga Black roof, black wheels, and black "adventure" grille with LED lighting front and rear.  Absolutely no rust.  Cosmetically and mechanically exceptional, this is a rare vehicle with very low original miles, in a lovely color combination, and was sold to an enthusiast in Sparta, New Jersey, USA.



Rosso Monza over Multi-stripe cloth and gray alcantara Recaros.  104k original miles.  2.0L four cylinder turbo and 5-speed manual transmission with AWD.  A beautiful and correct example of one of the most legendary modern performance cars, it was sold to a collector in Antwerp, Belgium.


1974 LAND ROVER SANTANA 109 pickup

Is there anything cooler than a Land Rover pickup?  Sage Green with White roof and wheels over new black vinyl.  Absolutely no structural rust.  Oversized tubeless tires and fender extensions.  Mechanically perfect and a delight to drive, this is a wonderful and honest example of a rare and wonderful 109, and was sold to a collector in Gatlinburg, TN, USA



2.25L diesel and four-speed manual with 2-speed transfer case and locking hubs.  FACTORY POWER STEERING.  White with White tropical roof and black wheels over blue plaid and black vinyl interior.  No rust anywhere.  A beautiful driver with rare power steering, it is comfortable, mechanically perfect, and ready for any use.  Sold to a dealer in Turin, Italy.


1964 AUTO UNION (DKW) F-1000-D

Fresh Dove Grey paint over new black and gray cloth with red checked seating surfaces.  1.8L Mercedes-Benz diesel and 4-speed manual.  Perfect for "van life" project, vintage racing support vehicle, food truck, or promotional vehicle.  It was sold to a collector car dealership in The Netherlands.


1991 PUCH 230GE

This rare, automatic transmission-equipped w/461 chassis Geändewagen has been recently decommissioned by the legendary Swiss Army, where it spent a lifetime of faithful service and was faithfully serviced in return.  Wearing fresh NATO green paint and needing nothing to be used daily, it is a fantastic piece of motoring history, and a wonderfully useable off roader.  It was sold to a collector in Toronto, Canada.

From the buyer:  "Runs and drives beautifully, and looks great.  Thank you for all the hard work!"


Welsh Grey with Limestone roof and wheels over beautiful original black vinyl, this one-owner 109 has done just 57,000 miles from new and is a fantastic driver with no rust and no needs.  Four 2-person removable rear jump seats allow accommodation for up to 11 people.  The perfect configuration for adventure use, it was sold to a first time vintage car buyer in Ridgeland, South Carolina, USA


1982 BMW 323i (e21)

Opal Green Metallic over Blue cloth, this two-owner example has been regularly driven, faithfully serviced, and carefully owned since new.  No rust, no damage, and needing nothing, it is rare to find an unmodified, undamaged, and unsullied example of this truly great performance car.  It was sold to a marque enthusiast in Bordeaux, France.

From the buyer:  "I'm super happy.  Car is exactly as I expected, and shipping was fast and simple.  Five stars!"


1979 LAND ROVER SANTANA 109 5-door

A beautiful 5-door Series III 109 with rare factory overdrive.  Fresh Bahama Gold paint with White roof and Wolf wheels over new black vinyl.  No rust anywhere.  Oversized tubeless tires and fender extensions.  Freshly serviced and benefitting from tasteful updates, this is a fantastic ten-seater Land Rover was sold to a collector in Gatlinburg, TN, USA 



Green with black roof and wheels over black vinyl.  2.25L diesel and 4-speed. Oversized off road tires and fender extensions.  A rust free, mechanically wonderful 88 with a little attitude.  Great to drive, and attractive to look at, but wearing the patina and minor scars of a life well lived.  It was sold to an enthusiast in Wisconsin, USA


1984 Land Rover 109 2-door

Desert Tan with tan canvas top over fresh black vinyl, with gasoline 2.25L engine and 4-speed manual.  One of the last of the Series III's and with just 93,000 miles in the hands of two enthusiast owners.  Fully restored and an astonishingly lovely 109, it was sold to a collector in Birmingham, AL, USA


1974 Citroën 2CV Fourgonette "Weekend"

Cream over Loden Green, this 12 volt 2CV van is one of the rare "weekend" models, with rear side windows and collapsible rear bench seating.  Very low mileage and restored to a high quality driver standard, it is beautiful, nearly perfect inside and out, and needs nothing.  Sold to a collector in Vancouver, Canada.

From the buyer:  "The car is awesome!  Super driveable and exactly as described.  Thank you for all the hard work you did getting it to Canada for me.  Leaving glowing feedback for you guys!"



Matte white with black wheels over matte black interior with new black seats.  Two tops included - the original hard top and a lightweight parasol top.  Rust free and mechanically perfect, it drives as nicely as any 88 we have owned and needs nothing to be used daily.  Not for a collector.  This is an 88 destined for adventure.  It was sold to an enthusiast on the island of Corsica.


1957 auto union munga

This exceedingly rare 4WD bird is the grandfather to the Audi Quattro (during development of the original Quattro, an Audi passenger sedan was fitted with Munga running gear to ascertain viability.)  With no structural rust, it runs and drives beautifully.  Sold to a collector in Blowing Rock, NC, USA


1983 Land Rover Santana 109 4-door

One owner from new, then carefully and beautifully restored, this Limestone over black example was from the final year of official S3 production from CKD's in cooperation with Solihull, and is therefore the ultimate refinement of the Series III.  Nearly perfect inside and out, it was sold to a collector in Birmingham, Alabama USA


1965 auto union F-1000-L COMBI

An extraordinary, period-correct van, in original colors and wearing appropriate details, such as the wraparound sunscreen sign above the windshield, hand painted lettering on the doors, and Franco-era tax stamps on the windshield.  The perfect support vehicle for a vintage racing effort or would make a high impact promotional vehicle for a company with vision.  It was sold to a collector car dealership in The Netherlands.


1963 saab 96

With its zingy 841cc two-stroke engine and three speed transmission, this Saab was startlingly original, having been carefully maintained by just two owners since new.  A magnificent driver, clean inside and out, and needing nothing for daily use, it was sold to a collector and vintage racer in Houston, Texas, USA

From the buyer:  "My car is in better shape than I had assumed it would be.  Both Paul and Adam are delightful guys and clearly addicted to old cars just like the rest of us.  I have been very impressed with my purchase, and I certainly look forward to doing business with these guys again."


1991 mercedes-benz 230ge pickup (w461)

Badged as a Steyr-Daimler-Puch, this 461 chassis 230GE spent its entire carefully-maintained life in the service of the legendary Swiss Army.  Rust free and with a tow rating of more than 5 tons, with rare automatic transmission and highly unusual body style, it was one of the best driving 230GE's we have ever seen.  Sold to a vintage vehicle collector in Christiansburg, Virginia, USA.

From the buyer:  "I think I have the only pickup in the USA.  Send me all the information you have on any more you get.  I'll buy more if they are this good."


1977 land rover santana 88 (series iii)

Beautifully restored and needing nothing.  Bahama Gold with white roof and wheels over black vinyl.  2.25L diesel and 4-speed manual.  Factory overdrive.  Rust free, mechanically excellent, and as beautiful as you'll find, it was sold to an enthusiast in Bordeaux, France.



Metallic Black over black Recaro seats, with dark anthracite BBS wheels and the "SST" automatic transmission with dual clutch manual operation using paddle shifters.  Fast, composed, and with performance accessible to everyone, this SST-equipped Lancer Evolution X has just 100,000 kms and runs as good as it looks.  Sold to a technician in Altea, Spain.

From the buyer:  "As a mechanic I know what I am looking at and this car was exactly as described.  My fastest commute to work ever.  Thanks and see you soon."


1979 land rover santana 109 (series iii)

Rust free, mechanically excellent, and with longer gearing allowing 60+ mph cruising speeds, this diesel-powered nine-seater was a very appealing combination.  Fresh Bahama Gold paint with a white tropical roof, it was a wonderful driver and was sold to a first-time Land Rover buyer in Galveston, Texas, USA.

From the buyer:  "The process of shipping and customs was very efficient, organized, and much easier than I imagined. For a sight unseen, overseas purchase things went extremely well.  Makes me want to do it again!"


1977 land rover santana 88 (series iii)

It's rare to find a Series Land Rover with original bodywork, but this 88 has original Marine Blue paint and undamaged bodywork.  In great mechanical condition and with low original mileage, it is leak free and a perfect driver.  Sold to a vintage dealer in Christiansburg, Virginia, USA.

From the buyer:  "It's exactly what I was hoping for.  I want more!"


1992 lancia delta hf turbo

The oft-forgotten little brother of the Integrale, the 1.6L HF Turbo is an angry little screamer, with bodywork by Guigiaro, powerplant by Aurelio Lampredi, and build quality by Lancia.  This one-owner example, in Rosso Monza over gray alcantara Recaros, was as nice as we have seen.  It was sold to a dealer in Long Beach, California, USA.

From the buyer:  "Better than I was expecting! What a cool car.  I'm just delighted with everything."


1979 land rover santana 109 4-door

Limestone over black, with silver wheels and many original touches, this well preserved station wagon was exceptionally clean, rust free and mechanically perfect.  Original jump seats were stored from new, giving seating capacity for up to nine passengers.  It was sold to a dealer in Fair Oaks, California, USA.


1986 Peugeot 205GTI 1.9

Widely considered the best of the 80's hot hatches, this 1.9L GTI was an original Swedish model vehicle with a large service history.  In largely original condition save for some minor paint work, it runs and drives beautifully and looks great in black over multicolor sport fabric.  It was sold to a dealer in Long Beach, California, USA.

From the buyer:  "I asked Autology to find me one of the best examples in Europe and boy did they deliver.  I'll be buying more cars from Autology Motors soon, for sure."



Dark Blue over tan, this rare and wonderful estate has less than 45,000 original miles and needs nothing.  Rust free, mechanically perfect and beautiful inside and out.  Time capsule condition with just the right touch of charming patina.  It was sold to a collector in Bucharest, Romania.

From the buyer:  "Thank you for everything.  You were incredibly accommodating and made the process fun and enjoyable.  I love this car..."


1984 Land Rover Santana 88 (Series IIIA)

Matte white over matte and gloss black, with fresh black upholstery.  2.25L diesel and four-speed with rare factory overdrive.  Rust free, mechanically honest and ideal as-is for adventure or road use, it was sold to an enthusiast in Seattle, WA USA.


Extreme Blue with black BBS wheels over black Recaro seats with yellow Renault Sport trim.  6-speed with factory limited slip.  68,200 original kilometers and looks, runs and drives as new.  No damage or signs of wear anywhere, inside or out.  A nearly perfect example of a very fast Megane.  It was sold to an enthusiast in Madrid, Spain.

From the buyer:  "Great car in perfect condition.  A+++++"


Fresh Olive Drab with an olive canvas top and white wheels over perfect black vinyl, with gasoline 2.25L engine and 4-speed manual.  An authentic NATO 88, which has always been faithfully and regularly maintained by the Dutch Military, and remains structurally rust free and mechanically perfect.  A restored bit of military history that can be used immediately, every day, it was sold to an enthusiast in New York.



Octane Blue over Black Recaro seats.  58,300 km (36,146 miles). Factory 352 horsepower specification with 5-speed manual transmission and carbon composite clutch. Alcon front brakes, Brembo rear brakes. Turbo timer. Factory navigation. Beautiful, rare and very fast, it was sold to an enthusiast in Barcelona, Spain.

From the buyer:  "A monster of a car, and like new.  The only problem is that everyone stops me to take photos of it.  Thanks Autology Motors!"


1987 land rover santana 90

White with black wheels over gray tweed front seats and black vinyl rear jump seats.  2.5L diesel and 5-speed manual.  Parabolic springs and power steering.  92k original miles, mechanically perfect, and structurally rust free.  A highway capable Land Rover with excellent road manners and legendary chops off road.  It was sold to an enthusiast in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.