1991 Land rover santana 2500DL



ENGINE:  2.5L four cylinder Defender diesel
TRANSMISSION:  5-speed manual with 2-speed 4WD transfer case
MILEAGE:  180,400 km (111,848 miles)
EXTERIOR:  Chamonix White with Black Defender alloy wheels
INTERIOR:  Black Cloth Sparco seats with four matching black cloth folding jump seats
PRICE:  $22,900


what does it look like?

Rust free and updated inside and out for modern daily use, it is a clean, straight and wonderful looking Santana ready for adventure.

The bodywork, wearing largely original Chamonix White paintwork, is straight and free of filler.  Black Defender alloy wheels, a "final edition" grille with integrated LED lighting and early split series doors (front and rear) have been combined with a new Exmoor black canvas roof and matching galvanized hoop set for a modern and flexible body style that allows easy open motoring.  A military style front bumper and short rear bumperettes completely the look.

Inside, the front seats have been replaced with twin Sparco sport models covered in high-durability black cloth with white stitching, and the four individually-folding rear jump seats have been reupholstered to match.

Underneath, the chassis is entirely free of structural rust and wears its original black chassis paint with no dents, scrapes or other signs of off road use.  There is no rust anywhere - not in the doors, floors, longitudinals, crossmembers, or bulkheads.

With the canvas roof in place, it is a weatherproof truck that you can drive like any Defender soft top.  If the mood strikes, in about ten minutes you can remove the canvas roof and tops of the doors, and you are in a fully open truck with nothing between you and the great outdoors.  And it doesn't get much better than that.


what's it like to drive?

With low original miles and no mechanical needs, it drives as you would expect.  Perfectly.

The trusty "12J" Defender diesel engine has excellent compression and fires quickly with little warming of the glow plugs needed even in cold weather.  At idle the motor is quiet and refined with absolutely no undue smoke or clatter.  Clutch takeup is correct with a firm pedal and easy modulation, and once underway, the truck pulls lustily and changes gears up or down crisply, with no hesitation or balkiness.

The factory power steering is precise and direct, with a light feel at parking speeds and pleasant weight on the highway.  It goes where you point it, and with a healthy, well damped suspension the Santana feels planted and sure in all conditions.  Brakes are powerful and sure with no noise, vibration or pulling.

Everything works.  Every gauge, every light, every switch.

These trucks are great drivers.  Never known for speed, they are nonetheless perfectly suited for modern use on any kind of roadway, including highway travel, and acceleration is brisk enough to easily keep up with modern traffic to overtake slow traffic when necessary.  Remarkably comfortable on tarmac, it is of course off road where any Land Rover comes into its own, and the Santana 2500 is no exception.  Relatively compact overall dimensions, precise power steering, plenty of ground clearance and legendary rough-stuff prowess makes it ideal for use on game trails, logging roads, or powering through mud and sand on its way to your favorite fishing hole, surf break, camping spot, or high mountain vista.

In an attractive color combination and with the brawny, muscled-up good looks of a late Defender, fully sorted, serviced and ready to go, it is a rig that can be easily used on road or off, every day, without worry.


walkaround video: