1992 land rover SANTANA 2500DL



ENGINE:  2.5L Rover diesel
TRANSMISSION:  Five-speed manual with 2-speed 4WD transfer case
MILEAGE:  146.513 km (90,838 miles)
EXTERIOR:  Jungle Green
INTERIOR:  Black with Houndstooth Cloth
PRICE: $27,500


what does it look like?

One of the most beautiful 5-doors we have built, this 1992 has always been rust free and beautifully well kept.  Starting with a low-mileage, extremely clean example, it was stripped and completely resprayed in "Jungle Green," a Volkswagen Type 1 color from 1956.  In bright sunlight it appears as a very deep, dark hue, but as the light dips it brightens and becomes more lustrous.  The roof and wheels were painted black, and a full-length expedition roof rack has been fitted with a matching rear access ladder.  A "final edition" Defender grille and military-style front bumper have been installed, with LED lighting front and rear.

Inside, all seven seats have been recovered in a combination of German black vinyl and houndstooth cloth, with a matching center console cover.  Original black carpets have been retained, and feature terracotta colored rubber mud mats in the rear seating footwell and cargo compartment.  The full headliner is in place, and beautiful, and the door panels and bump strips are original and perfect.

Underneath, the chassis is a straight and clean and rust-free as you will ever find.  It has no rust anywhere.  Not in the longitudinals, cross members, bulkheads, floors or doors.

With outstanding attention to detail everywhere, it is a stunning truck and looks magnificent from every angle.      



With the trusty Defender 2.5L diesel and 5-speed manual transmission, this Land Rover goes anywhere.  Excellent compression in all four cylinders mean the engine fires smartly with little warming of the glow plugs necessary, and idles smoothly and quietly through a new exhaust system.

The clutch pedal is light and engages smoothly, and the gearchange is tight and direct.  Combined with the torquey diesel and perfectly spaced gearing, acceleration is brisk and keeping up with modern traffic is not an issue, even on high-speed motorways.  The power steering is well weighted and quite light even at parking lot speeds, and the chunky GoodYear Wrangler MT/R's (the same rubber fitted to the Final Edition Defenders) are perfectly composed on tarmac.  With a healthy and well-damped parabolic suspension, the truck drives beautifully on the road, and can be used for normal family duties without problem.

Off road, though, this Santana really shines.  The time tested combination of engine, transmission and suspension allows it to muscle through, over or around pretty much anything you are likely to encounter, and the 2-speed transfer case is always on hand for true off road challenges.

Everything works.  Every light, every gauge, every switch.  It all looks and feels exactly as it should look and feel, and it is an astonishingly enjoyable rig to use every day, on road or off.  Load it with people or gear and go where you want to go.  Skiing, camping, surfing, fishing or hiking, or even just down to the local pub.  It has the refinement of a much more modern vehicle, seven proper seats, and is 100% ready for daily use without concern.


walkaround video