1972 Land Rover santana 109 pickup (series iiA)


at a glance

          ENGINE:  2.25L Rover diesel
          TRANSMISSION:  4-speed manual transmission with 2-speed transfer case
          MILEAGE: 155,529 km (96,428 miles)
          EXTERIOR: Marine Blue with White roof and wheels
          INTERIOR: Black
          PRICE: $16,500



A beautifully refurbished Series IIA 109 pickup in a lovely and classic color combination, no rust, and very rare factory power steering. A fantastic driver in collectible condition.

The bodywork is restored, straight, and refinished to a very good standard in the original Marine Blue finish with contrasting white roof and wheels. Bumper and rear subframe are black, and the original galvanized beltline trim is original and has aged to a lovely, rich patina. A broad sunshade is fitted above the windshield - a rare and interesting period accessory - but can be removed and reinstalled as desired. Large Hella Rallye driving lamps are fitted to the front bumper.

Inside, the three-abreast front seats have been replaced with new “Deluxe” versions, with more sculpted bolsters and all new foams. The simple metal dashboard has been refinished in the correct two-tone blue and black combination and all gauges, switches and lights work correctly. The original Smiths heater works correctly and, as expected, puts out a surprising amount of heat to warm the cabin quickly in winter months.

The undercarriage is entirely free of structural rust, showing only light surface oxidation, but with no perforation anywhere. No structural rust in the frame rails, crossmembers, floors, bulkheads or doors.

It is a lovely and stylish pickup which looks good from every angle and has perfect period panache. The cab can be easily and quickly removed if desired, allowing full open motoring in short order. You can even fold the windscreen down if you’re feeling randy.



Often considered the toughest and most overbuilt of all the series Land Rovers, the 2A models are rugged, easy to service and repair, and fun to own. They are massively strong vehicles. This one fires easily with only the slightest warming of the glow plugs necessary in anything but the coldest weather, idles smoothly, and pulls lustily in all gears with no undue smoke or clatter.

The gearbox and transfer case operate perfectly, with gear changes crisp and positive and no crunching or grinding either up through the gears or back down again. The (very rare) factory power steering makes low speed use a delight compared to the rather more muscular nature of the standard unassisted steering, and direction changes are positive with no wandering or sloppiness. The brakes are smooth and strong, hauling the pickup down from any (attainable) speed with a firm pedal, no pulling, noise or vibration.

All lights and gauges work as original, and it drives exactly as a classic Land Rover should.