ENGINE:  2.25L diesel
TRANSMISSION:  Four speed manual with two-speed 4WD transfer case and factory Overdrive
MILEAGE:  107.060 km (66,377 miles)
EXTERIOR:  Atlantic Green with White Roof and Wheels
INTERIOR:  Black with Tan Multistripe
PRICE:  $17,500



A Series III pickup with factory overdrive is a rare bird indeed.  This one has been beautifully refurbished from an excellent original example, recently refinished in Atlantic Green with a white roof and color matched wheels wearing oversized "Dakar" tread tires.  It is beautiful inside and out and ready for daily use.   

Perfectly straight and rust free throughout, the bodywork is free of filler and the paintwork has been refinished to a high standard.  The white pickup roof is fully removable, and the new 7-spoke wheels carry oversized 235/85-16 "Dakar" tires for increased ground clearance and a muscled-up appearance.

Inside, the three-abreast split bench front seats have been recovered in black with tan multistripe cloth inserts and all new foams.  The floors are clean and undamaged and the dashboard is crack and warp-free.  All gauges and lights and switches function as normal.  Underneath, the chassis is entirely straight and entirely free of rust.  There is no rust anywhere - not in the frame longitudinals, cross members, suspension pickup points, bulkheads, floors, doors...  No rust anywhere.

No leaks, either.  Park it in your garage for a month and when you pull it out again, you'll find nothing on the floor underneath.  No drips, no nothing.  It's a classic, correct and wonderful looking 109 pickup in a highly sought after color combination that gets enthusiastic "thumbs up" wherever it goes.


It's a classic Series III experience, made more modern and useable through the welcome factory overdrive.

After warming the glow plugs a bit, it fires instantly and idles smoothly, with no undue clatter or smoke.  The clutch is typically firm and takes up at the correct height, and the gear change is crisp, positive and notchy, exactly as it should be.

Underway, the legendary two-and-a-quarter liter Rover diesel pulls with lusty determination, and acceleration is perfectly adequate to keep up with modern traffic on virtually all modern roads, and with the overdrive engaged it can cruise at more than 60mph, making highway travel entirely feasible.  Steering, typically quite heavy at parking lot speeds, is remarkably light in this example, even with the oversized rubber, and is direct and sure underway.  The braking, similarly, is is positive and strong, with no wooden feel to the pedal and plenty of progressive feel for modulation.  In short, it pulls with typical pluck, shifts beautifully, and goes where you point it with ease, and when it's time to stop, it does so with no noise, vibration or pulling.

The 2WD/4WD transfer case engages with no balkiness, and both low and high range work perfectly with no noise.  If you are feeling inclined, you can of course remove the roof (and even the top portions of the doors) and run the truck fully open.  You can even fold down the windscreen if you're feeling randy.  But if you don't, with the front vents open it does a great job of keeping the summer sun at bay and is a remarkably refreshing and airy place to spend time.

Everything works as it should.  All gauges, lights and switches work as intended, and has been fully and carefully serviced to make sure it needs nothing for daily use, on road or off.


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