Surfing Galicia with Reef

If you surf and you haven’t surfed Spain, you’re missing out. A warm place in every sense of the word, full of vibrant, welcoming people and arrestingly good food, with a pace of life and focus on living that few destinations can match, you really need to come here and experience it for yourself.

A proper Defender or Geländewagen with a cooler and a couple of beach chairs in the back, a longboard and a fish… and that’s all you need. No maps, no stress, and no timetable. Just make your way across the north coast, like these cats did, and surf your way west to Santiago de Compostela. Sometimes the swell will be big, sometimes small, sometimes mushy, and sometimes even flat, but it doesn’t matter. Do what Spaniards do and roll with what comes.

Need a truck? We can build you one. Pick it up, drive it as you wish, and drop it back off so we can ship it home to you.

Heck, we can even loan you a board.