Summer Playlist - 2018


Summer on the Costa Blanca.  The heat starts to really settle in.  So do the tourists.  And the surf goes particularly quiet.  Here in the Den of Adventure, which like most of Spain goes without air conditioning, the days feel long and heavy, even as an endless stream of northern Europeans, here for a week or two, file through our doors every day to kick tires and chat about adventure vehicles in whatever language we can get along together in.

The days when we can break away for a spirited drive, a little sliding, or a bonfire on the tosca are few and far between these days.  Mostly we just hole up and work, or if it's slow for a few moments, strum the ukulele and hatch grand schemes for the pending autumn.

But that makes the moments of escape even more sweet when they come.  And when they do, this is what we have been listening to this summer.

Every season we get more and more people offering suggestions for our next playlists.  Some of those suggestions appear here, including "Feels Like Summer," from Hally Solomon in Sarasota, FL and "It's All In My Mind," from Tom Carter of Arlington, VA.  So keep them coming.