ENGINE:  2.5L Turbodiesel, 3.5L petrol V8 or 3.9L petrol V8
TRANSMISSION:  Five-speed manual with two-speed 4WD transfer case
EXTERIOR:  Your choice of color and wheels
INTERIOR:  Your choice of color and materials
PRICE:  $22,500 base plus shipping.


what WILL it look like?

What you see in the gallery above are just a few of the bespoke Range Rover Classics we have built recently for enthusiasts.  Choose your engine, choose your paint color, choose what type of interior you want, and choose your wheels and tires, and we get to work.  Starting with a rust free, low mileage, and fully functioning donor, the exterior and interior are stripped for the color change, and the interior handcrafted in whatever combination of materials you'd like.  Body is stripped and any flaws attended to, and the respray is done inside and out to a high standard.  Wheels and tires are new, and the vehicle is reassembled, fully serviced and sorted, and test driven extensively to sort any niggles.  Then we deliver it you, anywhere in the world, ready for daily use on road or trail.


Assuming you stay within the confines of relatively standard paint upholstery and wheel choice, no.  Just shipping, which is currently $2,500, all-included, to the available east coast ports in the USA, or $3600, all-included, to west coast ports.

How long does it take?

About 80 days, give or take, but we'll be in touch with a specific time frame before you commit.

Okay, i'm interested.  here's what i'm thinking...

Name *
Please use this field to tell us anything else you think we need to know, and we'll use it to get a good baseline before we contact you with our thoughts. REMEMBER: This form is just to start a conversation and get a feel for your plan. We will speak at length by email and telephone with all the specifics, to make sure your Range Rover Classic is exactly the way you want it. BY CLICKING SUBMIT YOU ARE NOT COMMITTING TO ANYTHING. Don't worry.