Bespoke Vehicles Built To Your Specifications

Are you having difficulty finding the right vehicle?  In the exact color combination you want, with the precise level of equipment you want?  Autology Motors now offers fully bespoke vehicles, customized to your specification, and delivered to you, wherever you are, finished and ready to drive.

But don't let the word "bespoke" make you nervous.  These are not two hundred thousand dollar machines.  The premise is simple.  Most of the vehicles we sell come to us in a condition or configuration different from the way they leave us.  They need mechanical repairs, or body and paint work, or interior refurbishment.  Sometimes all of the above.  We take tremendous pains to sort the mechanicals, to restore the body and paint them correctly.  We go to great lengths to reupholster seats and dashboards and install new carpeting.  We often fit different wheels and suspensions and accessories.  In other words, we are refurbishing our vehicles anyway, and making them the way we think they should be, so why not have us refurbish one to your specification and make it the way you want it to be?

Remember that these are not “restored” vehicles. They are used vehicles in good condition, fully checked and serviced, and refinished in your choice of colors. As a result, the price is very reasonable.

Although nothing is out of the question, we currently offer bespoke refurbishment of four primary types of vehicles:

1)  Land Rover "Series" (Series IIA and Series III in any body style.  88 or 109, pickup, hard top or soft top.)
2)  Land Rover Defender (in any body style, with diesel or turbodiesel engine)
3)  Land Rover Santana (late model, Defender styling and drivetrain, but leaf sprung.) 
4) Mercedes-Benz/Puch Geländewagen (any engine or body style)

Pick a car, and let's get going.


Pick A Color, (almost) Any Color

A custom Series III Land Rover pickup in early RAF Blue/Gray with White roof and Wolf wheels, and gray quilted seats in antique leather. This vehicle was originally Sand colored.

Once you've chosen your model and body style it's time to talk about color.  Your vehicle will be stripped of trim and interior bits, and the engine compartment will be sprayed in flat black, so you can choose any color you want.  Do you like the classic Land Rover colors like "Bahama Gold" or "Lincoln Green?"  No problem.  But if you prefer something different, like Mercedes-Benz "Orient Red" or the Porsche "Slate Grey" favored by Steve McQueen himself, that's no problem either.  As long as we can find a modern paint code for it, you can have it.  On a Series truck or Defender, would you like the roof body color, or contrasting?  What about the wheels?  White?  Black?  Silver?  Body color?  You choose.

Now, let's move to the interior.  Choose your colors and materials for seats, carpeting, and headliner.  (On soft top Land Rovers and G-wagens, you can also choose the canvas color for the top.)  Do you want tan seats in cloth, or cream leather with diamond stitching?  Gray tweed or tartan plaid wool?  If it's available as an automotive-quality material, we'll find it.  Complement with carpeting (again, where applicable) and headliner, and your ideal interior/exterior combination will begin to take shape.

If you have an idea of what you want but aren't quite sure how to make it happen, we'll work with you to help choose the specifics that will bring your vision to life.


details, details...

Once colors are settled, we can take a look at the details and options.  Wheel type and tire size.  Exterior trim and detailing.  Grilles.  Suspension components.  Skid plates and guards.  Winches and racks.  Auxiliary lighting.  Refrigerators and coolers.  Even overlanding prep with on-board storage and camping equipment.  From simple and classic to full blown adventure rig, not much is off limits here, and we work with the finest suppliers in Europe to bring you exceptional quality accessories at near-cost prices.


The interior of one of our custom 2-door Range Rover Classics, with seat faces in perforated black, seat backs and door panels in Moss Green, stitching and piping in white, and headliner in black. The interior was originally tan velour.

Speaking of price...

So, what's all this fun going to cost?  A bespoke Series Land Rover, with your choice of exterior color, interior color and our selection of standard wheels, can start from as low as $20,000, a late Santana starts from just $22,500, and a custom Defender (which is more expensive to buy in the first place) starts at only $32,500.  G-wagens start around $29,500. Options and accessories can increase those prices, but not as much as you might think.  Almost all of our custom vehicles are delivered surprisingly close to those starting prices.  It's a lot of fun, and a lot of bang, for the buck.

Interested?  Get in touch and tell us what you'd like to build.  We'll get you all the details on your chosen model.